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We are a company in the areas of energy technologies and greenhouse gas reduction. Our goal is to make fossil fuels cleaner and reduce emissions. Find out more about our sustainable solutions.

Fuel production from plastic waste

Using modern nano cracking technology, we process mixed plastic waste into high-quality traded goods. EN590 Diesel moves construction machines, trains or cars. DIN 51603-6 Heating oil heats buildings and N330 industrial carbon black is required for tires. The CO2E footprint is reduced by >50%. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, “CO2 Neutral”

Environmental Protection

The report issued by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) comes to the conclusion with a convincing majority of the scientists involved, that natural CO2 sinks such as trees and oceans absorb 50% of CO2 emissions. Therefore, a 50% reduction in emissions can be viewed as “climate neutral”.

Product yield of plastic wastel

Our Nano Cracking technology extracts from one ton of mixed plastic waste:

  • EN590 Diesel: 470 liters
  • DIN 51603-6 heating oil: 250 liters
  • N330 carbon black: 350kg

The CO2E footprint is reduced by >50%.

Two designed recycling projects in India and the United Kingdom

Artists Impression of Production Building:

Each Production building contains raw material storage and pelleting, nano cracking reactor, product refining units and CO2 absorbtion units. The building is kept under minimum vaccum, all odors are cleaned before being released to the environment.

Projects to convert 13,000 tons of plastic waste per day

9,800,000+ tons of CO2 reduction annually

Expanding to the Netherlands

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